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Welcome to Visionary Martial Arts, the premier fun and safe family training center for martial arts in North Richland Hills, Texas.

With every program at Visionary, we strive to bring you a great experience combining serious martial arts training, physical fitness, and a positive life outlook. We emphasize confidence, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and a strong sense of self-worth.

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Karate Classes for Ages 4-6

Our Little Dragons program teaches Taekwondo to children ages 4-6. While incorporating essential life skills to empower your child at an early stage in their life, we also encourage them and develop four key skills; Focus, Confidence, Self-Control and Respect for themselves and others.

Our program helps develop these skills through a fun and interactive Martial Arts program designed specifically for younger children.

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Karate Classes for Ages 7-11

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Karate Kids is a program designed specifically to teach children ages 7-11 in a fun and interactive environment.  We promote Discipline, Confidence, Respect, and Self-Control, empowering our Karate Kids to succeed in life.

When teaching Self-Defense we also teach awareness and self-protection in age specific scenarios for dealing with bullies and strangers.

Many of the experienced Karate Kids choose to join our Leadership program. Leadership students are mode augment their base curriculum with extra classes. In addition to advanced physical training, Leadership students discuss and practice subjects such as:

  • Personal accountability.
  • Awareness and encouragement of others.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Teaching others.
  • Being a good community member.

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TEens and ADULTS

Teen & Adult for Ages 12 and up

Our Adult program helps you get in shape, stay in shape, and learn how to defend yourself. We will help you develop the self-confidence and awareness needed to protect yourself.

The Adult program is uniquely tailored to each participant's capability. Some of our adult students are younger and focused on competitive martial arts, or maintaining peak fitness.

Other adult students simply want to stay physically and mentally active, building flexibility and strength through a fun form of regular exercise. Are your working hours spent largely immobile or sitting behind a desk? Stop in and see how our Adult program can keep you moving!