Good Character Has No Minimum Age

Recently, one of our moms shared a story about her son, one of our great leadership students. She'd asked him many times to attend to a chore that was supposed to be his responsibility, and he'd neglected it for a while. Mom finally had to impose consequences. The (very appropriate) punishment was certainly upsetting, but the story doesn't end there.

After the situation sank in a bit, the young man brought his karate belt to Mom, apologized, and said, "I don't deserve this right now." This isn't just an empty gesture -- he's an avid student, and without the belt, he wouldn't get to test for his next level.

Considering how many adults don't have the strength of character to accept responsibility for their actions, it's amazing to see that much accountability in someone who's still a few years shy of being a teenager -- and it says a lot of positive things about the kind of person he'll be as a grown up. Good job, sir!